In vitro tests

Tests are protected by our know-how or patent pending deposits.

  • Heliotest N°1

    Sun protection factor (SPF)

  • Heliotest N°2

    UVA efficiency (in-vitro method N°ISO 24443, Colipa method 2009 or 2011)

  • Heliotest N°3

    Critical wavelength (Colipa method 2011, FDA method)

  • Heliotest N°4

    Water resistance

  • Heliotest N°5


  • HelioMut

    Mutagenicity (Comet assay, Ames assay)

  • HelioTox

    Phototoxicity (According to the JO guidelines)

  • HelioAnal

    Analytical assessment – HelioAnal (HPLC : filters, preservative and active concentrations)

  • HelioSkin

    Objectification test : skin explant  (histological cuts, immunological tags, etc)