In vitro tests

Our internal methods are protected by our know-how or patent pending deposits.

Photoprotection efficacy assessment

Our internal methods

  • Heliotest N°1

    Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

  • Heliotest N°2

    UVA efficiency

  • Heliotest N°3

    Critical wavelength

  • Heliotest N°4

    Water resistance

  • Heliotest N°5


  • HelioIR

    Infrared rays protection

  • HelioBlue

    Blue light protection

  • HelioVisible

    Visible light protection

Our standardized methods

  • ISO 24443 : 2021

    Assessment of UVA protection factor (UVA-PF) and Critical wavelength (CW)

  • Colipa 2011

    Assessment of UVA protection factor (UVA-PF) and Critical wavelength (CW)

  • FDA 2021 - M020 "Final Order"

    Broad spectrum test

  • FDA 2021 - OTC000008 "Proposed Order"

    UVAI/UV ratio determination

  • Boots 2011

    “Star rating system” calculation

Our other tests


  • HelioSpectrum

    Absorption spectrum compliance assessment

  • HelioEquiv

    Solar equivalence between two formulas

  • HelioChem

    HPLC analysis (dosage of filters, preservatives and active ingredients)

  • HelioAging

    Light aging test : organoleptic properties assessment

  • ISO 11930 :2019



  • HelioPreTox
    In vitro pre-study of phototoxicity
  • HelioTox

    Phototoxicity on 3T3 cells (OECD 432)

  • HelioIO
    Eye irritation tests


  • HelioMut

    Mutagenicity (comets assays)

  • HelioSkin

    Objectification test : skin explant  (histological cuts, immunological tags, etc)

  • HelioAntiOx

    Evaluation of antioxidant efficacy