Sun protection – Sun technology

About us

Our laboratory Helioscience is qualified for assessing the quality, safety and efficiency of sun protection products.
Key partner in your development, we provide assistance in assessing in assessing solar protection effect of cosmetics products.
In vitro tests are essential for the fast development of your UV protection products: sun, day creams, sticks, make-up…
We have 20 years experience in the sun protection field that allows us to provide quick and reliable assessments.

Our concept

Propose all required testing methods to accelerate your product development.
Propose best in vitro tests correlated to in vivo tests.


Our laboratory is FDA registered.


Helioscience participates at ALT-SPF Consortium for developing alternative methods regarding SPF determination, including the Hybrid Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (HDRS) method which is currently an ISO draft standard.

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